A Brief Study of Medicare Advantage Plan

Surveys conducted by several leading agencies concluded people spend 30% of their life’s earning on medical bills. The expense of affording premium healthcare facility is increasing exponentially. This more significantly complicated the financial issues of an elderly person.

A person who is still working typically gets all medical expenses covered by their company or organization. But a retired man needs to shell out money from his savings to get healthcare facility. There is a scheme run by the US government where every people are provided with an Original Medicare Insurance at a nominal premium.

Benefits of having Medicare Advantage Plan:

There nevertheless remain some expenses which an Original Medicare Plan does not cover. Initially, it may seem that the incurred sum be very less but in reality, can create much financial tension for a retired person. There is another insurance sold by private agencies known as Medicare Advantage Plan which helps to advantage an Original Medicare Plan.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

One must understand the Medicare Advantage Plan is not an insurance which can perform all by itself. A person who does not has a valid Original Medicare cannot own the Medigap plan. The Medigap or Medicare Advantage Plan bares all the medical expenses incurred in the foreign soil as well. But it does not fund the expense of Type D prescribed drugs. They also do not cover the expenses of purchasing Visual or Hearing aids or the expense of private nursing facility. However, it funds all the expense of hiring a skilled nursing facility or Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles.

Types of Medigap: https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

The Medicare Advantage Plan is divided into 10 categories and is named alphabetically. Each of this Plan retains some benefits over the other, and the premium is charged accordingly. In a few cases, it was reported that people were paying a more significant premium for essential standard benefits. The agency while calculating the premium of the policy also considered the location of the insurer into account.


The Plan F was widely purchased plan but experts estimate that by 2020 it will be scrapped. The Plan F covers all the expenses, but the premium is moderately high in comparison to other plans. The Plan G is often considered to possess the potential to replace Plan F. The Plan G does not fund all the expenses and the patient’s family need to shell some amount from their pocket but the premium rate is reasonably less in comparison.