What Is Medicare Advantage Plan And Why Should You Own One?

The advent of cutting-edge technology led to massive improvement in the healthcare industry but it also increased the basic expense for getting proper healthcare. The increase in medical expenses resulted in people going for medical insurances and financial coverage from different insurance agencies.

How Medical Insurance Works?

We all know that the Original Medicare plan consists of two parts Part A deals with hospital bills and Part B deals with medical bills. But in reality, there is a gap between what the insurance covers and what the actual bill the hospital provides. This may sound to be of the very small amount but it can be quite heavy at times and lead to serious financial tension among old people. The Medical Advantage Plan is the type of advantageary insurance sold by private insurance agencies which bridge the gap between the bill and sum covered under Original Medicare.


The Medical Advantage Plan is not a stand-alone insurance so a person must be covered under Original Medicare Insurance. Firstly, the original Medicare will cover the bills and the remaining copayments and deductibles get covered by the Medical Advantage Plan.

People often confuse Medigap with Medical Advantage Plan which helps to enhance the Medicare service but the work of Medical Advantage Plan is only to advantage the bill. There are certain benefits a person who holds a Medigap Plan enjoys as he can use this plan even in the foreign medical facility.


The Medigap does not cover expenses for prescribed drugs and so if a person is looking for advantageation in prescribed drugs should go for some other plan. The AARP Medical Advantage Plan is found here: https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/aarp-medicare-advantage-plans-2019/ The Medigap also do not cover expenses for the private nursing facility; though Plan F of Medigap provides expenses for skilled nursing personnel. A person already covered under Medical Advantage Plan cannot purchase Medigap Plan at the same time.

The Medigap Plans are categorized into 10 categories and named alphabetically. The Category F Plan is one of the widely purchased plans but it is predicted that by 2020 it will become obsolete due to its high premium rates. The premium policy for each insurance agency is different from other. There are some agencies who calculate the premium amount by taking the age factor into consideration and there are some who evaluates the premium every year and considers the current age of the insurer.

3- Things to Avoid for a Healthy Living over Age 65

Did you know that you can live for another 30 years of healthy living after age 65? Well, it’s quite incredible to believe. But, yes! You can live healthy for another three decades after retirements.

The secret to living healthy is hidden in the way you live your life. If you are looking to a healthy loving after age 65, we shall help you. Here are three things you MUST avoid. You can also learn how Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 can help you live healthy in retirement.


Did you know that stress can take you to an early grave? Now you know. Stress leads to depression which causes lifestyle ailments like blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. Avoid stress in your life by doing what you like. The first thing when you hit your 65th birthday is to accept that you are actually aging. Stop doing things as you were doing them before. Things like smoking, excessive partying, dangerous deals should come to an end. Start adopting healthy lifestyle like participating in your community developments. This way you will remain active and healthy.

Lack of exercise

At no one time in life that you should stop exercising. This should be your daily routine. Let me tell you what exercise can do to your body, it will keep you rejuvenated both body and mind. You definitely don’t want to look older that you actually are. Actually, it feels nice when you bump into an old friend and they tell you how you’re becoming younger with age.

This can be achieved by doing relevant exercise ideal for your age. If you feel demotivated to do exercise daily, you can join your age mates who are already doing it and it will be fun exercising together. Whatever you do, exercise should be first.


Not eating as you should

Your body needs three types of foods. Proteins will help build worn-out tissues in your body. Carbohydrates will give you the energy your body needs and lastly vitamin to protect your body against diseases. Not taking enough of them can lead to health problems. Take a lot of water; eat large portions of fresh vegetables and fruits. Reduce sugar intake in your diet and watch every food you eat.

Life is enjoyable and no one would want to leave this world immaturely. I guarantee you that old age is not a death sentence. There is more to do apart of thinking about how death is near. Keep yourself happy and active all times. Do not confine or pity yourself because even if you do that, you will change nothing. The only thing you can do is to remain positive and embrace the time.


Definition of the term health has been changing rapidly due to the diversification of this sector as more and more scholars keep on adopting new definitions. A lot of criticism on the interpretation of this terminology has been increasing since all over the world there is no universally accepted way of defining the term. However, according to the world health organization (WHO), health is described as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The primary domain that encompasses an excellent healthy is.

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Physical health

it encompasses holistic well-being of a human being that is characterized by intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional health. It also includes complete fitness of the human body. Good physical health can ultimately be achievable when components such as physical activities which include the vigorous exercise of the body are embraced fully. Body exercise should be done regularly in order to ensure there is steady and stable flow of the blood in the body.

Another essential aspect to consider for better physical health is better and balanced nutrition and diet. A well-balanced diet contains carbohydrates which are energy giving food, without sugars in the body system the body cannot physically work better. Another significant component of a balanced diet is proteins which are fundamentally important for bodybuilding. Vitamins, fats and minerals are equally essential.