Definition of the term health has been changing rapidly due to the diversification of this sector as more and more scholars keep on adopting new definitions. A lot of criticism on the interpretation of this terminology has been increasing since all over the world there is no universally accepted way of defining the term. However, according to the world health organization (WHO), health is described as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The primary domain that encompasses an excellent healthy is.

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Physical health

it encompasses holistic well-being of a human being that is characterized by intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional health. It also includes complete fitness of the human body. Good physical health can ultimately be achievable when components such as physical activities which include the vigorous exercise of the body are embraced fully. Body exercise should be done regularly in order to ensure there is steady and stable flow of the blood in the body.

Another essential aspect to consider for better physical health is better and balanced nutrition and diet. A well-balanced diet contains carbohydrates which are energy giving food, without sugars in the body system the body cannot physically work better. Another significant component of a balanced diet is proteins which are fundamentally important for bodybuilding. Vitamins, fats and minerals are equally essential.