Medicare Supplement Plans Helpful Tips – Make The Right Choice

Medicare supplement plans are becoming more and more popular these days, about 25% of Americans enroll in one or two supplement plans to help them cover their health care needs.

 What Are The Options?

There are 10 different plans to choose from, plans A B C D F G K L M & N. Some consider plan F+ to be another independent plan, that make it 11 plans in overall, but widely accepted are 10 standard plans. These plans offer standardized benefits, meaning that the same plan has the same benefits from all the providers within a state. Medicare supplement plans are renewable. You cannot cancel a plan because of your health status provided that your premiums are paid.

 What Benefits Are Covered In These Plans?

  • Hospice care payments
  • Copayments for Medicare plan B
  • Free 3 pints of blood

 What Medicare Supplement Plans Don’t Cover?

Aetna Medicare supplement plans don’t cover drug prescriptions, vision, dental care, hearing aids, long term care and private nursing. For you to make the right choice you have to know that there is out of pocket cost that is associated with each Medicare supplemental plan. The costs could be your yearly deductibles or monthly premiums. The average premium cost start from $140 with plan A.

 Does Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Foreign Travel?

Of course there are plans that cover foreign travel emergency. Plans C D F G M & N take care of 80% of emergency care when you’re in foreign countries. This is applicable when you meet the $250 yearly deductible.

 Choosing The Best Plan With Maximum Coverage

In general there isn’t any best plan for everyone. The best choice for your friends might not be the best option for you. Your best choice depends on your requirements and budget.  But with that said, some plans are more popular than others. About 66% of people choose plan F because they believe it offer the most beneficial coverage for them with the exception of foreign coverage. Plan F+ also has higher deductible but it comes with lower premium costs and you get no coverage until you meet your yearly deductible.

 Helpful Tips

* Choosing the right plan depends on the state you live. But in general the plans that offer the best value are plan F and N.

* You should use the same zip for both your Medicare and social security check because Medicare is regulated by social security legalities.

* Use permanent home address when signing up for your Medicare supplement. Permanent address is the address used in paying tax, voting and for receiving social security income check. Using the wrong address will result in cancelation of your application, most will providers will accuse you for fraud.